Final Program Abstracts
Introductory Tutorials Track

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Monday 10:30:00 AM 12:00:00 PM
Introduction to Simulation

Chair: Christos Alexopoulos (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Monday 1:30:00 PM 3:00:00 PM
Input Modeling

Chair: Marvin Nakayama (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Monday 3:30:00 PM 5:00:00 PM
Simulation Practice

Chair: David Ferrin (Andersen Consulting)

Tuesday 8:30:00 AM 10:00:00 AM
Design of Experiments

Chair: Gamze Tokol (Earley Corp.)

Tuesday 10:30:00 AM 12:00:00 PM
Output Analysis

Chair: Amy Pritchett (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Tuesday 1:30:00 PM 3:00:00 PM
Simulation-Based Optimization

Chair: Martin Steele (University of Central Florida)

Tuesday 3:30:00 PM 5:00:00 PM
Verification, Validation and Accreditation

Chair: Grant Cates (NASA KSC)

Wednesday 8:30:00 AM 10:00:00 AM
Web-based Simulation

Chair: Reinaldo Moraga (NASA KSC)

Wednesday 10:30:00 AM 12:00:00 PM
Manufacturing Simulation

Chair: Scott Mason (University of Arkansas)

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