WSC 2007 Final Abstracts

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Monday 10:30:00 AM 12:00:00 PM
SIMUL8 Corporation

Chair: Sandy Owens (INFORMS)

SIMUL8 Standard and Professional
Mark Elder (SIMUL8 Corporation)

This is a training session for new users of SIMUL8 Standard or SIMUL8 Professional software. If you are not yet a user, please attend and learn how easy it is to use. SIMUL8's drag and drop interface, combined with powerful logic language and external links (via virtually every invented interface technology), means that SIMUL8 is easy to use for small projects right through to large-scale embedded systems.

Kieran Concannon (SIMUL8)

Visual8 Corp. demonstrates SIMUL8-Planner, a finite capacity scheduling tool that combines production modeling with job sequencing to create synchronized work order scheduling across plant operations. SIMUL8-Planner is designed to address a wide range of planning and sequencing problems with pre-built scheduling modules that allow for the rapid creation and implementation of integrated solutions.

Monday 1:30:00 PM 3:00:00 PM
Wolverine Software Corp. and U-DMTEK

Chair: Sandy Owens (INFORMS)

Wolverine Software: Introduction to SLX and GPSS/H Simulation Languages
James Henriksen (Wolverine Software)

Wolverine Software will present an introduction to its SLX and GPSS/H simulation languages and its Proof Animation Software, including Proof 3D. The tutorial will include a number of small, but complete and illustrative examples, exposing attendees to our products' architecture and underlying philosophy.

Chang-Mok Park (U-DMTEK)

PLCSTUDIO provides structured simulation framework for verification and validation of programmable logic controller. You can build virtual manufacturing system having I/O simulator and 3-D graphic simulator. Control engineers can check various scenarios before real commissioning using PLC-linked automatic simulation.

Monday 3:30:00 PM 5:00:00 PM
Vanguard Software Corp. and SAIC

Chair: Sandy Owens (INFORMS)

SAIC-Successful NASA Discrete Event Simulation Models
Kevin A. Ryan and Grant Cates (SAIC)

Two examples of successful discrete event simulation models will be demonstrated. These are the Manifest Assessment by Simulation Tool (MAST) used by NASA for its Space Shuttle program and the Constellation-Requirement Assessment Simulation Technique, also employed by NASA to perform risk analysis for the new program to return humans to the moon

Tuesday 1:30:00 PM 3:00:00 PM
XJ Technologies and Emulate 3D Ltd.

Chair: Sandy Owens (Informs)

AnyLogic Professional
Andrei Borshchev (XJ Technologies)

AnyLogic is a simulation tool supporting process-centric (discrete event), system dynamics, and agent-based modeling approaches. The flexibility of the modeling language enables the user to capture the complexity and heterogeneity of business, economy and social systems at any desirable level of detail. AnyLogic set of primitives and library objects allows you to model manufacturing, logistics, business processes, human resources, and consumers' and patients' behavior in their natural interaction. AnyLogic object-oriented model design paradigm provides for modular and incremental construction of large models. At WSC'07 we will first be presenting AnyLogic Professional--the most powerful edition of the software.

Emulate3D: the Future of Simulation
Ian McGregor (Emulate 3D Ltd.)

The future of simulation is physics-based, and it's called Emulate3D. Learn how to build models repidly from intelligent catalog elements, create catalog elements, generate videos with impact, connect control systems to models and reduce automation project commissioning time and costs. Understand why Intralox, Distrisort, GM and Nestle are among our users.

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