Keynote Address


Experimental Design in Computer Simulation
William E. Biles
Simula - A Way of Thinking
Berth Eklundh
A Tutorial on Statistical Analysis of Simulation Output Data
Averill M. Law
Slam Tutorial
A. Alan B. Pritsker and Claude Dennis Fegden
Simscript II.5 Tutorial
Edward C. Russell
Introduction to GPSS
Thomas J. Schriber
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Computer-Aided Digital Autopilot Design and Analysis: Methodology, Implementation and Verification
W. V. Albanes and J. B. Meadows
A Simulation Model for Evaluating Initiator Structures
H. Pat Artis
Simulation of a Criminal Justice System Model
John L. Ballard and David E. Douglas
Analysis and Simulation of an Advanced Inertial Stabilization Concept
James L. Baumann, Mark D. Dixon, and Dallas W. Russell
Simulation Modeling by Stepwise Refinement
J. N. Beauchamp and R. C. Field
An Application of Simulation to Tracking
David A. Bennett and Christopher A. Landauer
Simulation Analysis to a Steelmaking Facility
John E. Bolton
Simulating a Control Securities Market
Lauren C. Bruzzone and John M. Dutton
FREEHEAT - A Passive Solar System Simulation Program
J.C. Chapman, P.J. Burns, and C.B. Winn
The Stochastic Generation of a Multidimensional Scaling Technique Utilized in the Teaching of Marketing Management
Newell E. Chiesl
Decision Process Simulation Models of Defense Contractor Behavior
Kalman J. Cohen, Arie Y. Lewin, and Richard C. Morey
Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) System Simulation and Disturbance Analysis for Anomalous Transients and Degraded System Conditions
V.K. Dhir, S. Guarro, J.C. Lin, M. Motamed, and D. Okrent
Simulation of Large and Complex Systems: Some General Trends and an Example
Berth Eklundh
Using Simulation to Measure Bias in Principal Components Regression
Philip G. Enns
Existence of Limit Cycles in a Non Linear Dynamic System with Random Parameters
Donald E. Falkenburg
A Human Simulation Validation of a Telephone Loop Network Simulation Model
Herb T. Freedman, Terry R. Harms, and Warren L.G. Koontz
Comparison of Models of Individual Choice in a Complex Setting
Alan Goldberg and Eugene E. Kaczka
Safeguard Systems at Nuclear Facilities: A Snap Application
Floyd H. Grant III, Alonzo F. Hixon III, and Dennis Engi
Simulating a Crisis
Roger I. Hall
GPSS/H 1979: A Status Report
James O. Henriksen
Application of Simulation in Project Management
John E. Herbert
Simulation Methods for Response Times in Network Queues
Donald L. Iglehart and Gerald S. Schedler
On Missiles Under Interrupted Guidance Conditions
Naim A. Kheir and Donald W. Sutherlin
Simulation of Resources in Gantry Machining Center
Hulas H. King and Haluk Bekiroglu
Application of a Water System Computer Model in the City of Scottsdale, Arizona
Geza E. Kmetty and Meredith Flinn
Iron and Steelmaking Facility Planning Simulation Model
David P. Koch
The Alias and Alias- Rejection- Mixture Methods for Generating Random Variables from Probability Distribution
Richard Kronmal and Arthur V. Peterson
Building Energy Analysis Programs
Henry Lau and J. Marx Ayres
Using Conditional Expectation to Reduce Variance in Discrete Event Simulation
S.S. Lavenberg and P.D. Welch
Simulation of Student Flow in a Three-Year Diploma Program
R. Greer Lavery
Simulation of Some Autoregressive Markovian Sequences of Positive Random Variables
A.J. Lawrance and P.A.W. Lewis
Evaluating Computer Systems Simulation Models
Constantine Laszos
The Prose (Protection System Evaluator)
John E. Lenz
TSEM: A Flexible Scenario Based Small Forces Model
Bruce D. Link
Factor Screening Methods in Computer Simulation Experiments
Douglas C. Montgomery and Ginner Weatherby
Fitting a Distribution to Data Using an Alternative to Moments
Edward F. Mykytka and John S. Ramberg
A Model for the Test and Evaluation of Advanced Group Rapid Transit System Performance
Norman R. Nielsen, Waheed Siddigee, Marilyn S. Sanfilippo, and Peter J. Wong
The Reduction of a Discrete Event Simulation to a Markov Chain
Andrew S. Noetzel and Elaine J. Weyuker
A Distributed Approach to Queueing Network Simulation
J. Kent Peacock, J.W. Wong, and Eric Manning
Construction of Econometric Planning Models for Business Units
Robert K. Perdue
Application of an Interactive Surrogate Simulation to Canadian Air Transport Policy
Daniel R. Perley
A Simulation Model for Network Routing
Udo W. Pooch, Charles Neblock, and Rahul Chattergy
Help for Highways Maintenance Administrators - A Highway Maintenance Simulation Model
James M. Pruett and Rodolfo Perdomo
Application of Run Time Control to a Multi-Objective, User Oriented Simulation System
David Roggendorff
Cross-Impact Simulation of an Emerging Industry: The Case of Data Processing
Paul H. Rosenthal and Paul Gray
The Application of Computer Simulation Techniques to Glassware Production
J.A. Runner, W. Hand, and O. J. Meyers
Software Engineering and Simulation
Kevin T. Ryan
Validating a Bus Operations Simulation Model
Kevin T. Ryan
Validation of Simulation Models
Robert G. Sargent
Golf Competition Between Individuals
Francis Scheid
Interactive Analysis of Simulation Output by the Method of Batch Means
Thomas J. Schriber and Richard W. Andrews
Simulation of Merge Junctions in a Dynamically Entrained Automated Guideway Transit System
Steven E. Shladover
GPSS V Model of a Computerized Manufacturing System
James R. Siebauer
Scheduling of Patients and Resources for Ambulatory Health Care
Stephen R. Smith, Bernard J. Schroer, and Robert E. Shannon
The Use of Computerized Business Games to Simulate Business Behavior Under Different Policies
Peter R. Sugges, Jr.
The Utilization of Probabilistic Network Analysis in Planning Long-Range Engineering Projects
D.W. Swindle, Jr., E.H. Gift, and F.M. Bustamante
Dynamic Movement Predictions: An Online Railroad Simulation Model
Michael G. Tashker and Peter J. Wong
The Cross-Impact Simulation of Corporate Susceptibility to Crisis: The Case for Organization Reform
W.A. Thompson, C.F. Smart, and I. Vertinsky
A Methodology for Evaluation of a Hospital's Vertical Transportation Needs
Robert B. Turnage
A Simulation Approach to Examining Traditional EOQ/EOP
Frederick C. Weston, Jr.
Advanced Group Rapid Transit (AGRT) Operational Simulation
Wallace W. White
A Procedure for Improving the Estimate of the Mean for Weakly-Stationary Autoregressive Time Series
Richard Wiener and Jacob Rozmaryn
VLSI Circuit Design Supported by Computer System Simulation
John Nelson
The Use of Simulation Modeling in Determining Defense Manpower
Charles E. Ebeling
A Simulation Model for Equipment Selection in a Steel Plant
Pedro A. Nassau
Man-Machine Project Management System for New Products Development
Susumu Tsuhara, Susumu Seki, Koji Nakamura, and Toshiro Namiki
Marine Terminal Facilities Planning through Simulation
Pradeep Batra
Simple Simulation
Richard C. Wilson
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Keynote Address

Keynote Address
K. D. Tocher
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