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Sunday, December 11th


Poster Madness
Cristina Ruiz-Martín
Quality Driven Transport Strategies for the Wood Supply Chain
Risk-averse Contextual Multi-armed Bandit Problem with Linear Payoffs
Dispatching in Real Frontend Fabs With Industrial Grade Discrete-Event Simulations by Use of Deep Reinforcement Learning
Charging Schedule Problem of Electric Buses Using Discrete Event Simulation with Different Charging Rules
Simulation-based Optimization For Operational Excellence Of A Digital Picking System In A Warehouse
Leveraging Causal Discovery Methods to Enhance Passenger Experience at Airport - An Analysis Method for Agent-based Simulators
Developing Tree Planting Robots with Help of Simulation
Machine Learning-based Uncertainty Prediction for Efficient Global Optimization
Simulation-based optimization framework for third level of digital twin
Simulation and AI in Manufacturing
Synchronous Manufacturing Simulation for Real Time Decision Making
Integration of Discrete-event Simulation in the Planning of a Hydrogen Electrolyzer Production Facility
Effect of the Private Brand on the Game Model of Food Supply Chain
Maintenance Decision-Making Supported by a Multi-fidelity Simulation Optimization Framework
Towards A Novel Protocol for Efficient Control and Usage of Traffic Simulation
Towards an Online Data Analysis Architecture for Large-Scale Distributed Simulations
Towards Performance-Aware Partitioning for Large-Scale Agent-Based Microscopic Distributed Traffic Simulation
Stochastic Root Finding via Bayes Decisions
Leveraging OSIRIS to simulate real-world ransomware attacks on organization
Theory-guided Neural Network for Agent-based Modeling and Simulation
How Fault Lines Formed In The Organization Influences On Double-loop Learnig
SUMMIT: A Multi-Modal Agent-Based Simulation Platform for Urban Transit Systems
Exploring the Complexity in Managing End-of-Life Lithium-Ion Battery: A System Dynamics Perspective
Analytical and Simulation-Driven Machine Learning Methods for Generating Real-Time Outpatient Length-of-Stay Predictions
Simulation Development Environment using Simulation Snapshot Manager
Model Based Reconfigurable Unmanned System Using Discrete Event System Formalism
Simulation-Optimization Configurations for Fugitive Interception
A Bayesian Optimization Algorithm for Constrained Problems with Heteroscedastic Noise
Optimising and Analysing the Use of Drones in Healthcare
Three Tier Incremental Approach to Development of Smart Corridor Digital Twin
Last-Mile Fulfillment in an Omnichannel Grocery Retailing Environment: A Simulation Study
Analysis of Covid-19 Using a Modified SEIR Model to Understand the Cases Registered in Singapore, Spain y Venezuela
Robots in Logistics: Research Issues and Trends
Referenced Filtering: a Case for Avoiding Each-to-each Computations
Real-Time Indoor Daylight Illuminance Simulation of an Existing Building using Minimal Data
Interaction Modeling for Independent Water and Energy Models with Distributed Simulation
Poster Madness


PhD Colloquium
Supporting Automated Warehouses with Data-Driven Modelling
Emergency Vehicle Preemption Strategies: a Microsimulation Based Case Study on a Smart Signalized Corridor
Impact of Earlier Boosters and Pediatric Vaccines on Covid-19
Use of Social Determinants of Health in Agent-based Models for Early Detection of Cervical Cancer
The Interplay of Optimization and Statistics to Solve Large-scale Black-box Noisy Functions
A Simulation-Optimization Framework To Improve The Organ Transplantation Offering System
Fast Approximation to Discrete-event Simulation of Queueing Networks
Simulation of Cooperative Downloading in Python
Does Financial Quantitative Easing Help Alleviate the Economic Disparity?: Results of Agent-based Simulation Models
Simulations for Optimizing Dispatching Strategies in Semiconductor Fabs Using Machine Learning Techniques
Toward developing an agent-based model of European pharmaceutical trade market
Rare-Event Simulation without Variance Reduction: An Extreme Value Theory Approach
Modeling Dental Caries Prevention Care in Polish Primary Schools: a Hybrid Simulation Approach
Agent-based Modelling of Farmers’ Climate-resilient Crop Choice in the Upper Mekong Delta of Vietnam
A system simulation-based approach for sustainability evaluation and benchmarking of buildings
Supervised Machine Learning for Effective Missile Launch Based on Beyond Visual Range Air Combat Simulations
Design space specification, exploration, and simulation for production systems
An Approach to Population Synthesis of Engineering Students for Understanding Dropout Risk
Real-Time Discrete Event Simulation of Production Processes for Data-Based Construction Management
PhD Colloquium

Monday, December 12th


Estimation Techniques for Simulation Optimization
Susan R. Hunter
Central Limit Theorems for Constructing Confidence Regions in Strictly Convex Multi-Objective Simulation Optimization
Fixed Budget Ranking and Selection with Streaming Input Data
Policy Evaluation with Stochastic Gradient Estimation Techniques
Simulation Optimization

Reliability Modeling and Simulation I
Shima Mohebbi
Spatial Agent-based Simulation of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles to Assess Impacts on Traffic Conditions
Simulation as a Soft Digital Twin for Maintenance Reliability Operations
Gaussian Process Model for a Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller Using Both Manufacturer’s and Operation Data
Reliability Modeling and Simulation

Remote Military and National Security Applications
Nathaniel D. Bastian; James Starling
Supervised Machine Learning for Effective Missile Launch Based on Beyond Visual Range Air Combat Simulations
A Meta-Heuristic Solution Approach to Isolated Evacuation Problems
An Application of Automated Machine Learning within a Data Farming Process
Military and National Security Applications

Simulation and AI Methodology I
Yijie Peng
Batching on Biased Estimators
Distributional Input Uncertainty
Simulation of Stance Perturbation
Simulation and AI

Tutorial: Metamodeling for Simulation
Chris Kuhlman
Introductory Tutorials

Uncertainty Quantification
Raghu Pasupathy
Empirical Uniform Bounds for Heteroscedastic Metamodeling
Estimating Confidence Regions for Distortion Risk Measures and Their Gradients
Overlapping Batch Confidence Regions on the Steady-State Quantile Vector
Analysis Methodology


Operational Planning for Critical Patients
Vishnunarayan Girishan Prabhu
Simulation Model of a Multi-Hospital Critical Care Network
How Does Imaging Impact Patient Flow in Emergency Departments?
Healthcare Applications


Advances in Ranking and Selection
Jeff Hong
Non-myopic Knowledge Gradient Policy for Ranking and Selection
Importance Sampling for Rare-Event Gradient Estimation
Thompson Sampling Meets Ranking and Selection
Simulation Optimization

Buildings and Cities
Albert Thomas
A System Dynamics Simulation-based Sustainability Benchmarking
Optimal Control of MAU Coils in an Existing Building
Smart City Digital Twins for Public Safety: A Deep Learning and Simulation Based Method for Dynamic Sensing and Decision-making
Environmental and Sustainability Applications

Digital Twins in Manufacturing
Guodong Shao
A Laboratory Demonstrator of Simulation-based Digital Twins for Smart Manufacturing
Applying a Hybrid Model to Solve the Job-shop Scheduling Problem with Preventive Maintenance, Sequence-Dependent Setup Times And Unknown Processing Times
Achieving Sustainable Manufacturing by Embedding Sustainability KPIs in Digital Twins
Manufacturing Applications

Distributed Agent-based Simulation with Repast4Py
Haobin Li
Advanced Tutorials

Effectiveness of Interventions Against the Spread of COVID-19
Edward Huang
Calibrating Simulation Models with Sparse Data: Counterfeit Supply Chains During COVID-19
Regional Maximum Hospital Capacity Estimation for Covid-19 Pandemic Patient Care in Surge through Simulation
Simulating Counterfeit Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supply Chains During Covid-19
COVID-19 and Epidemiological Simulations

Frameworks and Standards
Adelinde Uhrmacher
Towards a Unifying Framework for Modeling, Execution, Simulation, and Optimization of Resource-aware Business Processes
Creating PROV-DM Graphs from Model Databases
Seamless Simulation-Based Verification and Validation of Event-Driven Software Systems
Modeling Methodology

How to Build Valid and Credible Simulation Models
Edward Y. Hua
Introductory Tutorials

MASM Panel: Industry-Academic Collaborations in Semiconductor Manufacturing
John Fowler
Industry-Academic Collaborations in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Metamodels and Optimization
Mina Jiang
Robust Simulation Design for Generalized Linear Models in Conditions of Heteroscedasticity or Correlation
Gaussian Processes For High-dimensional, Large Data Sets: A Review.
Sample Average Approximation over Function Spaces: Statistical Consistency and Rate of Convergence
Analysis Methodology

Military Keynote
Nathaniel D. Bastian; James Starling
In Pursuit of Defence AI and Autonomous Systems
Military and National Security Applications

Reliability Modeling and Simulation II
Sanja Lazarova-Molnar; Olufemi Omitaomu
Quantifying Error Propagation In Multi-stage Perception System Of Autonomous Vehicles Via Physics-based Simulation
Proxel-based Simulation of Fault Trees in R
Data-driven Reliability Modeling of Smart Manufacturing Systems using Process Mining
Reliability Modeling and Simulation

Simulation and AI Methodology II
Claudia Szabo
Use of Reinforcement Learning for Prioritizing Communications in Contested and Dynamic Environments
Human Imperceptible Attacks and Applications to Improve Fairness
Towards AI Robustness Multi-agent Adversarial Planning in Game Play
Simulation and AI


WSC@Singapore: Reimagine Tomorrow
Peter Lendermann


Agriculture and Farming
Albert Thomas
Site Choice in Recreational Fisheries – Towards an Agent-Based Approach
A Simulation Model For Cooperative Robotics In Dairy Farms
Environmental and Sustainability Applications

Air-Defense and Naval Applications
Nathaniel D. Bastian; James Starling
An Anomaly In Intercept Time For Short Range Ballistic Re-entry Vehicles
Intercept Considerations for Devising a Dipping Sonar Search Strategy to Locate an Approaching Submarine
Military and National Security Applications


Applications of Simulation Optimization
Michael Geurtsen
A Logistic Regression and Linear Programming Approach for Multi-skill Staffing Optimization in Call Centers
An Inexact Variance-Reduced Method For Stochastic Quasi-Variational Inequality Problems With An Application In Healthcare
Dynamic Scheduling of Maintenance By A Reinforcement Learning Approach - A Semiconductor Simulation Study
Simulation Optimization

Artificial Intelligence Applications
Keyhoon Ko
Maximizing Throughput, Due Date Compliance and Other Partially Conflicting Objectives Using Multifactorial AI-powered Optimization
Machine Learning Powered Capacity Planning for Semiconductor Fab
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Queue-time Management in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Build, Deploy, Use, and Maintain Simulations with AnyLogic 9

DEVS Theory and Practice
Cristina Ruiz-Martín
Cross-formalism Decomposition of DEVS Coupled Models
Devs Model Design for Simulation Web App Deployment
Composable Geo-referenced Multi-resolution Multi-agent CA-based DEVS, KIB, and PDE Models
Modeling Methodology

Discrete-Event Simulation Modeling to Address Operational Questions in Healthcare
Fumiya Abe-Nornes
BloodChainSim – a Simulation Environment to Evaluate Digital Innovations in Blood Supply Chains
A Reusable Discrete Event Simulation Model For Improving Orthopedic Waiting Lists
Using Discrete-Event Simulation to Analyze the Impact of Variation on Surgical Training Programs
Healthcare Applications

Fab Scheduling
Dennis Xenos
Imitation Learning for Real-Time Job Shop Scheduling Using Graph-Based Representation
Fab-Wide Scheduling of Semiconductor Plants: A Large-Scale Industrial Deployment Case Study
Monte Carlo Tree Search-based Algorithm for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling with Automated Guided Vehicles

Let's do Ranking & Selection
Hong Wan
Advanced Tutorials

Machine Learning
Giovanni Lugaresi
Application of Simulation based Reinforcement Learning for Optimizing Lot Dispatching Rules of Semiconductor Fab
Discrete-Event Simulation and Machine Learning for Prototype Composites Manufacture Lead Time Predictions
Using Data Farming and Machine Learning to Reduce Response Time for the User
Manufacturing Applications

Modeling the Spread of COVID-19
Felisa Vazquez-Abad
Covid-19 Supply Chain Planning: A Simulation-optimization Approach
Impact of Vaccination Policies for COVID-19 using Hybrid Simulation
Agent Based Simulatable City Digital Twin to Explore Dynamics of Covid-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 and Epidemiological Simulations

Organization of Transport Systems
Michael Kuhl
Designing Mixed-Fleet of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles for Home Grocery Delivery Operation: An Agent-Based Modelling Study
Optimal Fleet Policy of Rental Vehicles with Relocation in New Zealand: Agent-based Simulation
Development of a Simulation Framework for Urban Ropeway Systems and Analysis of the Planned Ropeway Network in Regensburg, Germany
Agent-based Simulation, Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation

Quantile Estimation
Drupad Parmar
A Sequential Method for Estimating Steady-State Quantiles Using Standardized Time Series
Tail Quantile Estimation for Non-preemptive Priority Queues
Input Uncertainty Quantification for Quantiles
Analysis Methodology

Reliability Modeling and Simulation III
Xueping Li; Parisa Niloofar
Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses on Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of a Glazing System with External Venetian Blind
Role of Simulation Tool in National Building Energy Rating system
Quantified Performance Gap between Simulated vs. Actual Energy Use of Buildings
Reliability Modeling and Simulation

Resource Modeling in Business Process Simulation
Masoud Fakhimi
Introductory Tutorials

Simulation and Artificial Intelligence: A Foundation for a New, Reimagined Tomorrow?
Simon J. E. Taylor
Simulation and AI


Titans of Simulation: Michael Fu
Ek Peng Chew
Stochastic Gradients: From Single Sample Paths to Conditional Monte Carlo to Machine Learning


Neal DeBhur
A Generalized Model For Modern Hierarchical Memory System
Nonparametric Density Estimation - a Numerical Exploration
The Use of Simulation with Machine Learning and Optimization for a Digital Twin- A Case on Formula 1 DSS
Modeling Methodology

Automated Material Handling Systems
Young Jae JANG
Industry Case: Semiconductor Fab OHT Management System and Digital Twin for OHT Operation
Anomaly Detection for OHT System in Semiconductor Fab
A New AMHS Testbed for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Cloud-based Supply Chain Planning, Connect to Innovation at Scale: Mozart Cloud

Computer Assisted Military Experimentations
Anastasia Anagnostou
Introductory Tutorials

Estimating Densities and Rare Events
Bruno Tuffin
Likelihood Ratio Density Estimation for Simulation Models
Density Estimators of the Cumulative Reward up to a Hitting Time to a Rarely Visited Set of a Regenerative System
Rare-Event Simulation without Variance Reduction: An Extreme Value Theory Approach
Analysis Methodology

Hybrid Simulation Modeling Formalism via O²DES Framework for Mega Container Terminals
Michael Kuhl
Advanced Tutorials

Xueping Li
Design and Control of Shuttle-based Storage and Retrieval Systems Using a Simulation Approach
Dispatching Automated Guided Vehicles Considering Transport Load Transfers
Deadlock Avoidance Dynamic Routing Algorithm for a Massive Bidirectional Automated Guided Vehicle System
Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation

Military Communications
Nathaniel D. Bastian; James Starling
Message Prioritization in Contested and Dynamic Tactical Networks using Regression Methods and Mission Context
Robustness of Middleware Communication in Contested and Dynamic Environments
Jeopardy Assessment for Dynamic Configuration Of Collaborative Microservice Architectures
Military and National Security Applications

Models and Case Studies of COVID-19 Impacts and Interventions
Philippe J. Giabbanelli
Towards Reusable Building Blocks To Develop COVID-19 Simulation Models
Modelling the Delta Covid-19 Wave in Mumbai
Modeling and Simulation for the Spread of Covid-19 in an Indian City: A Case Study
COVID-19 and Epidemiological Simulations

Multiobjective Simulation Optimization
Matthew T. Ford
Optimal Computing Budget Allocation for Multi-Objective Ranking and Selection under Bernoulli Distribution
Automatic Differentiation for Gradient Estimators in Simulation
Achieving Diversity in Objective Space for Sample-efficient Search of Multiobjective Optimization Problems
Simulation Optimization

Reinforcement Learning I
Edward Y. Hua
A Customizable Reinforcement Learning Environment for Semiconductor Fab Simulation
Simulation of the Internal Electric Fleet Dispatching Problem at a Seaport: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
Supplier Forecasting with Visibility Using Privacy Preserving Federated learning
Simulation and AI

Robust Simulation Optimization
Sara Shashaani
Robust Simulation Optimization with Stratification
Optimizing Input Data Acquisition for Ranking and Selection: A View Through the Most Probable Best
Admission Control In the Presence of Arrival Forecasts with Blocking-Based Policy Optimization
Model Uncertainty and Robust Simulations

Scheduling and Sequencing
Thomas Felberbauer
Multi-Agent System Model For Dynamic Scheduling In Flexible Job Shops Subject To Random Machine Breakdown
Real-time Scheduling Based on Simulation and Deep Reinforcement Learning with Featured Action Space
Sequence Scrambling in Aggregated Mixed-Model Production Line Modeling
Manufacturing Applications

Simulation Optimization-based Methodology for Healthcare
Lambros Viennas
A Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Outpatient Primary Care Scheduling
A Simulation-Optimization Framework To Improve The Organ Transplantation Offering System
Simulation-Optimization to Distinguish Optimal Symptom Free Waiting Period for Return-to-play Decisions in Sport-related Concussion
Healthcare Applications

Survive and Thrive in Different Academic Systems: A Simulation Perspective
Weiwei Chen; Seong-Hee Kim
Professional Development

Time Considerations in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Raphael Herding
Rolling Horizon Production Planning in a Borderless Fab Setting
Criticality Measures for Time Constraint Tunnels in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Putting A Price Tag On Hot Lots And Expediting In Semiconductor Manufacturing


Methodological Issues with Multi-Agent Games
Yan Lu
Extending The Naming Game In Social Networks To Multiple Hearers Per Speaker
A Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification Approach for Agent-Based Modeling of Networked Anagram Games
Agent-based Simulation


Agent-based Models for Tracking the Spread of COVID-19
Xiao Feng Yin
Evaluating the Covid-19 Screening Regime for Cross-border Workers
Assessing Transmission Risks of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant in U.S. School Facilities and Mitigation Measures
Effect of Vaccination on Risk of Exposure to Airborne Infectious Disease During the Boarding Process in a Commercial Aircraft using Agent-Based Simulation
COVID-19 and Epidemiological Simulations

Construction and Infrastructure
Neda Mohammadi
Using Simulation-Based Forecasting to Project Singapore’s Future Residential Construction Demand and Impacts on Sustainability
Modular And Extensible Pipelines For Residential Energy Demand Modeling And Simulation
Modeling and Simulation to Improve Real Electric Vehicles Charging Processes by Integration of Renewable Energies and Buffer Storage
Environmental and Sustainability Applications

Decision Making under Input Uncertainty
Wei Xie
Sequential Importance Sampling for Hybrid Model Bayesian Inference to Support Bioprocess Mechanism Learning and Robust Control
Distributionally Robust Optimization for Input Model Uncertainty in Simulation-Based Decision Making
Better Safe Than Sorry - An Evaluation Framework For Simulation-Based Theory Construction
Model Uncertainty and Robust Simulations

EMS Operations Management: Simulation, Optimization, and New Service Models
Wentong Cai
Advanced Tutorials

Importance Sampling in Financial Engineering
Kun Zhang
Importance Sampling for CoVaR Estimation
Combining Retrospective Approximation with Importance Sampling for Optimising Conditional Value at Risk
Portfolio Risk Measurement via Stochastic Mesh with Average Weight
Financial Engineering

Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Maylin Wartenberg
A New Data Farming Procedure Model for a Farming for Mining Method in Logistics Networks
Application of Deep Reinforcement Learning for Planning of Vendor-Managed Inventory for Semiconductors
An Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search Algorithm for Wind Farm Inspection Using a Truck with a Drone
Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation

Ezequiel Pecker Marcosig
Exploiting the Levels of System Specification for Modeling of Mind
From Narratives to Conceptual Models via Natural Language Processing
Microscopic Vehicular Traffic Simulation: Comparison of Calibration Techniques
Modeling Methodology

Random Processes and Optimization
Zhengchang Hua; Wei Xie
Efficient Rare Event Estimation For Maxima of Branching Random Walks
A Classification Method for Ranking and Selection with Covariates
Variance Reduction based Partial Trajectory Reuse to Accelerate Policy Gradient Optimization
Analysis Methodology

Reinforcement Learning II
Edward Y. Hua
Automatically Explaining a Model: Using Deep Neural Networks to Generate Text From Causal Maps
Quantile-based Policy Optimization for Reinforcement Learning
Reinforcement Learning With Discrete Event Simulation: The Premise, Reality, And Promise
Simulation and AI

Christoph Laroque
A Framework For Rescheduling a Fixed-Layout Assembly System Using Discrete-Event Simulation
Multi-Disciplinary Simulation-based Digital Twins for Manufacturing Systems
Optimal Team Formation and Job Assignment to Optimize Warehouse Operations
Manufacturing Applications

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Dean Chu
Equipment Prognosis with Ghost Point Resampling Method Under Imbalanced Data Restriction
Predictive Equipment Health Based on Hidden Markov Model and Production Scheduling
Dispatching to Improve Chemical Usage at Cleans Tools in a Semiconductor Fab

Simheuristics: An Introductory Tutorial
Canan Gunes Corlu
Introductory Tutorials

Tuesday, December 13th


Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in DSS I
Abdolreza Abhari
High-Resolution Shape Deformation Prediction in Additive Manufacturing using 3D CNN
A New Application of Machine Learning: Detecting Errors in Network Simulations
Using Deep Learning for Simulation of Real Time Video Streaming Applications
Data Science and Simulation

From Discovery to Production: Challenges and Novel Methodologies for Next Generation Biomanufactu...
Nan Kong
Advanced Tutorials

Modeling and Estimating Financial and Actuarial Risks
Ben Feng
Metamodeling for Variable Annuity Valuation: 10 Years Beyond Kriging
Sequential Nested Simulation for Estimating Expected Shortfall
Quantile Sensitivity Estimation through Delta Family Method
Financial Engineering

Simulation: The Critical Technology in Digital Twin Development
Canan Gunes Corlu
Introductory Tutorials

Uncertainty Quantification
Zeyu Zheng
Cheap Bootstrap for Input Uncertainty Quantification
Distributional Discrimination Using Kolmogorov-Smirnov Statistics and Kullback-Leibler Divergence for gamma, log-normal, and Weibull distributions.
Combining Numerical Linear Algebra with Simulation to Compute Stationary Distributions
Model Uncertainty and Robust Simulations


Digital Twins Applications
Yuan Wang
Digital Twins for the Dynamic Management of Blockchain Systems
Real-Time Spatio-Temporal Databases: Bridging The Gap Between Experimentable Digital Twins And Databases
Simulation as Digital Twin

Emergent Behaviors and Construction Labor Productivity
Chris Kuhlman
Identifying Correlates of Emergent Behaviors In Agent-Based Simulation Models Using Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation of Multidimensional Impacts of Construction Labor Productivity Factors
Agent-based Simulation


A Tutorial on How to Set Up a System Dynamic Simulation on the Example of the Covid-19 Pandemic
Jonathan Ozik
Advanced Tutorials

AI and Optimization
Steffen Strassburger
Towards Deadlock Handling with Machine Learning in a Simulation-based Learning Environment
Solving Facility Location Problems for Disaster Response Using Simheuristics and Survival Analysis: A Hybrid Modeling Approach
Analysis of Triggers of Port Congestions Using a Tree-Based Machine Learning Classifier and Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in DSS II
Rong Zhou
An Approach to Population Synthesis of Engineering Students for Understanding Dropout Risk
Discrete Event Simulation Using Distributional Random Forests to Model Event Outcomes
Machine Learning Based Simulation for Fault Detection in Microgrids
Data Science and Simulation

Batch Processing
Kan Wu
Scheduling Jobs with Uncertain Ready Times on a Single Batch Processing Machine
Job Scheduling of Diffusion Furnaces in a Semiconductor Fab
Learning Dispatching Rules for Energy-aware Scheduling of Jobs on a Single Batch Processing Machine

Case Study Competition Finalists' Presentations I
Haobin Li
Case Study Competition Finalists' Presentations

Defining DEVS Models Using the Cadmium Toolkit
Cristina Ruiz-Martín; Gabriel Wainer
Introductory Tutorials

Evacuation Modeling and Societal Polarization
Anastasia Anagnostou
Simulating Emergency Evacuations with a Learnable Behavioural Model
Simulation-based Analysis of Evacuation Elevator Allocation for A Multi-level Hospital Emergency Department
The Effect of Influencers on Societal Polarization
Agent-based Simulation

Methodologies for Digital Twins
Cathal Heavey
Validation of Digital Twins: Challenges and Opportunities
Online Validation of Simulation-based Digital Twins Exploiting Time Series Analysis
Optimizing Digital Twin Synchronization in a Finite Horizon
Simulation as Digital Twin

Marina Meireles Pereira Mafia
Optimization Of The Design Of Modular Production Systems
Enabling Knowledge Discovery from Simulation-based Multi-objective Optimization in Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Workload Control in High-Mix-Low-Volume Factories Through the Use of a Multi-Agent System
Manufacturing Applications

Search-based Simulation Optimization Algorithms I
Michael Choi
Object-oriented Implementation and Parallelization of the Rapid Gaussian Markov Improvement Algorithm
Multi-fidelity Discrete Optimization via Simulation
An Empirical Review of Model-based Adaptive Sampling for Global Optimization of Expensive Black-box Functions
Simulation Optimization

Simulation and AI Methodology III
Kim van den Houten
Analysis of Measure-Valued Derivatives in a Reinforcement Learning Actor-Critic Framework
Tree-Structured Parzen Estimators With Uncertainty For Hyperparameter Optimization Of Machine Learning Algorithms
Enhanced Simulation Metamodeling via Graph and Generative Neural Networks
Simulation and AI

Simulation Models Evaluating Patient Flow in Different Care Settings
S. M. Niaz Arifin
Discrete Event Simulation to Evaluate Shelter Capacity Expansion Options for LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth
Simulation Model for Planning Dental Caries Prevention at the Regional Level
A Simulation-Based Approach For Assessing The Impact Of Uncertainty On Patient Waiting Time In The Operating Room
Healthcare Applications

Simulation of Semiconductor Manufacturing
Patrick Christoph Deenen
Application Of A Simulation Model To Forecast Cycle Time Based On Static Model Input
Graph Representation and Embedding for Semiconductor Manufacturing Fab States
Building a Digital Twin of the Photolithography Area of a Real-World Wafer Fab to Validate Improved Production Control

The Role of Simulation in Industry
Weiwei Chen; Seong-Hee Kim
Professional Development


Case Study Competition Finalists' Presentations II
Haobin Li
Case Study Competition Finalists' Presentations

Discrete-Event Simulation Models to Inform Healthcare Decisions
Jung Hyup Kim
Simulation And Analysis Of Disruptive Events On A Deterministic Home Health Care Routing And Scheduling Solution
Fatigue-recovery Simulation Model to Analyze the Impact of Nursing Activities on Fatigue Level in an Intensive Care Unit
Healthcare Applications

Hybrid Simulation with Advanced Technology
Le Khanh Ngan Nguyen
Explainable AI for Data Farming Output Analysis: A Use Case for Knowledge Generation through Black-Box Classifiers
Simulating Prosumer Data Trading: Testing a Blockchain Smart Contract Based Control
Hybrid Simulation

Military Operations Applications
Nathaniel D. Bastian; James Starling
AI-based Military Decision Support Using Natural Language
Experimenting with the Mosaic Warfare Concept
Military and National Security Applications


Advanced Tutorial: Methods for Scalable Discrete Simulation
Abdelgafar Hamed
Advanced Tutorials

Aviation I : Human-in-the-Loop
Dehghani Mohammad
A Heuristic-based Airport Shopping Behavior Model with Agent-based Simulation
Modelling Aircraft Priority Assignment by Air Traffic Controllers during Taxiing Conflicts Using Machine Learning
A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Approach for System-Level Flight Delay Absorption
Aviation Modeling and Analysis

Digital Twins in Logistics and Transportation I
Andrea Matta
Data-based Digital Twin of an Automated Guided Vehicle System
Warehouse Digital Twin: Simulation Modeling and Analysis Techniques
Digital Twin-driven Design and Optimization Method for Smart Warehouse
Simulation as Digital Twin

Model (Theory) in DSS
Rie Gaku
Exact Optimal Fixed Width Confidence Interval Estimation for the Mean
Feature-Modified SEIR Model for Pandemic Simulation and Evaluation of Intervention Approaches
Data-driven Economic Analysis of Poultry Data Used in Complex Long-term Egg Production Systems Combining Simulation and Machine Learning
Data Science and Simulation

Photolithography Scheduling
Cathal Heavey
Demonstration of the Feasibility of Real Time Application of Machine Learning to Production Scheduling
Deployment of an Advanced A.i. Scheduler at Photolithography: a Seagate Technology Use Case
Study of Relationships Between Scheduling Objectives In Semiconductor Manufacturing

Production Planning
Tobias Voelker
Optimizing Product Mix Profile for Maximum Output and Stable Line Perfomance in a Giga Fab
Impact of Production Planning Approaches on Wafer Fab Performance During Product Mix Changes
Towards Decentralized Decisions for Managing Product Transitions in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Search-based Simulation Optimization Algorithms II
Mark Semelhago
Bandit-Based Multi-Start Strategies for Global Continuous Optimization
Landscape Modification Meets Surrogate Optimization: Towards Developing an Improved Stochastic Response Surface Method
Simulation-Based Sets of Similar-Performing Actions in Finite Markov Decision Process Models
Simulation Optimization

Simulation and AI Methodology IV
Ruijiu Mao
An Efficient Dynamic Sampling Policy for Monte Carlo Tree Search
Using Generative Adversarial Networks To Validate Discrete Event Simulation Models
Interpretable User Behavioral Analysis and Personalized Recommendation with Side Information
Simulation and AI

Simulation Approaches
Klaus Altendorfer
A Tool-based Approach to Assess Simulation Worthiness and Specify Sponsor Needs for SMEs
Carbon Policies in Network Distribution: A Simulation Approach for Sustainable Supply Chains
Automatic Component-based Synthesis of User-Configured Manufacturing Simulation Models
Manufacturing Applications

Simulation Down Under
David Post
Modelling to Support Climate Adaptation in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia
Model-Data Integration: Working Together and Systematically Resolving Discrepancies
Water Forecasts For Enhanced Environmental Water Delivery
Environmental and Sustainability Applications, Simulation Down Under

Using Reward Systems in Flexsim to Train AI


Titans of Simulation: Leon McGinnis
Peter Lendermann
Reimagining Simulation in Discrete-Event Logistics Systems


Applications I
Dehghani Mohammad
A Simulation-aided Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Optimization of Automated Sorting Center Processes
Predictive Maintenance Powered By Machine Learning And Simulation
Applied Reinforcement Learning for Decision Making in Industrial Simulation Environments
Simulation and AI

Aviation II: Aviation Operations and Airspace
Michael Schultz
Towards Automated Apron Operations - Training of Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation using Synthetic LiDAR Sensors
On the Role of Hla-based Simulation in New Space
Discrete- Event Supervisory Control for the Landing Phase of a Helicopter Flight
Aviation Modeling and Analysis

Data-driven Simulation for Construction
Changbum Ahn
Constructing an Audio Dataset of Construction Equipment from Online Sources for Audio-based Recognition
Real-time Activity Duration Extraction of Crane Works for Data-driven Discrete Event Simulation
Reinforcement Learning-Based Transportation and Sway Suppression Methods for Gantry Cranes in Simulated Environment
Project Management and Construction

Digital Twins in Logistics and Transportation II
Jie Xu
Studying Logistic Fleet Electrification Using Traffic Microsimulation Software
Predictive Traffic Blocking to Avoid Congestion in Large-scale Automated Material Handling Systems
A Digital Twin Based Approach to Smart Lighting Design
Simulation as Digital Twin

Distribution and Warehouse Optimization
Bhakti Stephan Onggo
Determining the Optimal Work-Break Schedule of Temporary Order Pickers in Warehouses Considering the Effects of Physical Fatigue
Decision-making Impacts of Originating Picking Waves Process for a Distribution Center Using Discrete-event Simulation
Order Release Strategies for a Collaborative Order Picking System
Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation

Energy Considerations in Semiconductor Manufacturing
John Hasenbein; Gabriel Weaver
Energy-efficient Semiconductor Manufacturing: Establishing an Ecological Operating Curve
A Planning Model for Incorporating Renewable Energy Sources Into Semiconductor Supply Chains
Simulating Energy and Security Interactions in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Insights from the Intel Minifab Model

Grand Challenges in Simulation Application Domains
Oliver Rose
Grand Challenges in Modeling and Simulation of Complex Manufacturing Systems
Grand Challenges in Healthcare Modeling and Simulation: a Panel Discussion
Grand Challenges in Modelling and Simulation of Logistics Systems
Grand Challenges

Hybrid Simulation Methodology
David Bell; Antuela Tako
An MVP Approach to Developing Complex Hybrid Simulation Models
Interfaces between SD and ABM Modules in a Hybrid Model
From Conceptualization of Hybrid Modelling & Simulation to Empirical Studies in Hybrid Modelling
Hybrid Simulation

Manufacturing Optimization
Hai Wang
Closing the Gap: A Digital Twin as a Mechanism to Improve Spare Parts Planning Performance
Development of DES Application for Factory Material Flow Simulation with Simpy
Simulation of Industrial Systems for Next-generation Aircraft Manufacturing
Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation

Modeling and Data and their Effect on Policy
Claudia Szabo
Exploring Covid-19 Survivor Perception toward Governement’s Policies in Responding to Covid-19
SITEM: A Framework for Integrated Transport and Energy Systems Modelling for City-wide Electrification Scenario Planning
Effects of Information Sharing on Swarm Based Communication In Dynamic Environments
Complex and Resilient Systems

Scheduling Assembly/Test Operations
Christian John Immanuel Boydon
Multi-agent Framework for Intelligent Dispatching and Maintenance in Semiconductor Assembly and Testing
Autonomous Scheduling in Semiconductor Back-End Manufacturing
Evaluating Scheduling Period in Training Data Collection for Situation Aware Dispatching

Service Operations Management in DSS
Philippe J. Giabbanelli
A Data-Driven Discrete Event Simulation Model to Improve Emergency Department Logistics
A Self-Adaptive Search Space Reduction Approach for Offshore Wind Farm Installation using Multi-Installation Vessels
Call Center Agent Scheduling Evaluation Using Discrete-Event Simulation: A Decision-Support Tool
Data Science and Simulation

Simulation Modeling
Sumin Jeon
Development of a data-driven Simulation Model for an Assembly-To-Order System
Potential of Simulation Effort Reduction by Intelligent Simulation Budget Management for Multi-item and Multi-stage Production Systems
Improvement of the Kanban System for an Automotive Company via Discrete Event Simulation: Otokar
Manufacturing Applications

Simulation Models to Inform Healthcare Decisions I
Alison Harper
Could Earlier Availability of Boosters and Pediatric Vaccines Have Reduced Impact of COVID-19?
The Issue of Trust and Implementation of Results in Healthcare Modeling and Simulation Studies
Workshift Scheduling Using Optimization and Process Mining Techniques: An Application in Healthcare
Healthcare Applications

Simulation Solutions and Applications for Complex One-of-a-Kind Production Processes Based on STS...


Cybersecurity in Complex Resilient Systems
Claudia Szabo
Cyber Deception Metrics for Interconnected Complex Systems
A Dynamic Theory of Security Free-Riding by Firms in the WFH Age
Complex and Resilient Systems

Model Recognition and Identification
Edward Y. Hua
Can Machines Solve General Queueing Problems?
Simulation Based Approach for Reconfiguration and Ramp up Scenario Analysis in Factory Planning
Modeling Methodology, Simulation and AI

Simulation Models to Inform Healthcare Decisions II
Georgiy Bobashev
Utilizing Simulation to Update Routine Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Policies
Virtual Opioid User: Reproducing Opioid Use Phenomena with a Control Theory Model
Healthcare Applications

Simulation-based Analytics in DSS
Sanja Lazarova-Molnar
Maritime Disruption Impact Evaluation Using Simulation and Big Data Analytics
Design and Implementation of Human-behave Bot for Realistic Web Browsing Activity Generation
Data Science and Simulation


Applications II
Simon J. E. Taylor
Simulation Optimization for Supply Chain Decision Making
Transfer Learning For Prediction Of Supply Air Temperature From A Cooling System In An Existing Building
DES-based reinforcement learning for the optimization of the scheduling problems of manufacturing systems
Simulation and AI

Digital Twins in Manufacturing
Giovanni Lugaresi
Data-Driven Simulation For Production Balancing And Optimization: A Case Study In The Fashion Luxury Industry
Towards a Digital Twin of a Robot Workcell to Support Prognostics and Health Management
Enterprise Digital Twin For Risk Free Business Experimentations
Simulation as Digital Twin

Food and Health
Christos Alexopoulos
From Efficiency to Fairness: Design of Allocation Rules for Food Bank Operations
Simulation of IT Data Integration to Optimize an Antibiotics Supply Chain with System Dynamics
The Impact of Batch Dispatching on Vaccine Manufacturing Throughput
Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation

Grand Challenges in Simulation Modeling Methodology
Stewart Robinson
Grand Challenges in Conceptual Modeling
Grand Challenges in High Performance Simulation
Grand Challenges in Hybrid Modelling
Grand Challenges

Hybrid Simulation Applications
David Bell
Simulation-based Pricing for a Rideshare Model
Hybrid Simulation in Healthcare: A Review of The Literature
FACS-CHARM: A Hybrid Agent-Based and Discrete-Event Simulation Approach for COVID-19 Management at Regional Level
Hybrid Simulation

Maritime Systems Panel Discussion
Xinhu Cao
Maritime Systems

MASM Keynote
Peter Lendermann
Industry 4.0 Innovation in Semiconductor Planning and Operations

Scientific Applications I
Rafael Mayo-García
Covid-19 Suppression Using a Testing/Quarantine Strategy: a Multi-paradigm Simulation Approach Based on a Seirtq Compartmental Model
Characteristics of Simulation: A Meta-Review of Modern Simulation Applications
GPU-Accelerated Simulation Ensembles of Stochastic Reaction Networks
Scientific Applications

Simulation Education and Gaming
Leonardo Chwif; Jayendran Venkateswaran
Simulation Teaching during the Pandemic: Report of an Experience in a Higher Education Private Institution
Agent Based Learning Environment for Survey Research
Participatory Simulation to Support Transactional Curriculum Inquiry
Simulation Education

Simulation for Construction and Infrastructure Management
Jinwoo Kim
Construction Image Synthetization to Overcome a Small, Biased Real Training Dataset for DNN-Powered Visual Scene Understanding
A Tale of Three Simulations for Project Managers
Discrete Event Simulation For Port Berth Maintenance Planning
Project Management and Construction

Transportation and Logistics Scheduling
Klaus Altendorfer
A Simulation-heuristic Approach to Optimally Design Drone Delivery Systems in Rural Areas
Effect of Real-Time Truck Arrival Information on the Resilience of Slot Management Systems
Applying Simulation to Estimate Waiting Times and Optimize the Booking Size for Oversea Transportation Vessels
Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation


Scientific Applications II
Rafael Mayo-García
Design and Deployment of a Simulation Platform: Case Study of an Agent-Based Model for Youth Suicide Prevention
py2PowerDEVS: Construction and Manipulation of Large Complex Structures for PowerDEVS Models Via Python Scripting
Scientific Applications


Blockchain: a Review from the Perspective of Operations Research
Wei Xie
Advanced Tutorials

Computer Vision and Ranging for Simulation
Jinwoo Kim
Road User Localization for Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure by Leveraging Surveillance Videos
Urban Subsurface Mapping Via Deep Learning Based GPR Data Inversion
System Dynamics Modeling of the Construction Supply Chain in Industrial Modularized Construction Projects
Project Management and Construction

Digital Twin as an Aid for Decision-making in the Face of Uncertainty
Andrea Ferrari
Introductory Tutorials

Hybrid Simulation in Human Systems
Andrew J. Collins
A System Dynamics Model for Studying the Resiliency of Supply Chains and Informing Mitigation Policies for Responding to Disruptions
A Hybrid Model of Multiple Team Membership and its Impacts on System Design
Modelling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems using an extensible Co-Simulation Framework
Hybrid Simulation

Maritime Systems I
Zhuo Sun
Simulation Case Study: How Arctic Shipping Shares the Flow of Cargo from Traditional Routes
A Collision-free Simulation Framework For ASCs In Automated Container Terminals
System-level Simulation of Maritime Traffic in Northern Baltic Sea
Maritime Systems

Sampling and Regression Techniques
Jiaming Liang
A Proximal Algorithm for Sampling from Non-smooth Potentials
A Dynamic Credibility Model with Self-excitation and Exponential Decay
A Computational Study of Probabilistic Branch and Bound with Multilevel Importance Sampling
Financial Engineering, Model Uncertainty and Robust Simulations, Simulation Optimization

Semiconductor Supply Chains
Jan-Philip Erdmann
Demand Predictability Evaluation for Supply Chain Processes Using Semantic Web Technologies Use Case
Simulated-Based Analysis Of Recovery Actions Under Vendor-Managed Inventory Amid Black Swan Disruptions In The Semiconductor Industry: A Case Study From Infineon Technologies AG
Increasing Supply Chain Robustness during Allocation in a Just-in-Time Supply Set-Up

Simulation Applications
Deogratias Kibira
Production Scheduling for Parallel Machines using Simulation Techniques: Case Study of Plastic Packaging Factory
A Biased-Randomized Simheuristic for a Hybrid Flow Shop with Stochastic Processing Times in the Semiconductor Industry
Modeling And Simulation Of Fresh Meal Production
Manufacturing Applications

Supply Chain Applications
Javier Faulin
Modeling and Simulation of Food Bank Disaster Relief Operations
Simulation-Based Order Management for the Animal Feed Industry
An Agent-based Simulation Model to Mitigate the Bullwhip Effect via Information Sharing and Risk Pooling
Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation

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A Tutorial On Combining Flexsim With Python For Developing Discrete-Event Simheuristics
Juan Fernando Galindo Jaramillo
Introductory Tutorials

Machine Learning for Simulation in Construction
Yitong Li
Accelerating Training Of Reinforcement Learning-Based Construction Robots In Simulation Using Demonstrations Collected In Virtual Reality
Field-Based Assessment of Joint Motions in Construction Tasks with and without Exoskeletons in Support of Worker-Exoskeleton Partnership Modeling and Simulation
Automated Integration of Infrastructure Component Status for Real-Time Restoration Progress Control: Case Study of Highway System in Hurricane Harvey
Project Management and Construction

Maritime Systems II
Xinhu Cao
Optimization of Hub-and-Spoke Maritime Network Considering Hub Port Failure
Simulation-Optimization Approach for Integrated Scheduling at Wharf Apron in Container Terminals
Combination of Simulated Annealing Algorithm and Minimum Horizontal Line Algorithm to Solve Two-Dimensional Pallet Loading Problem
Maritime Systems

Urban and Local Transport
Marvin Auf der Landwehr
A Simulation-Optimization Model for Automated Parcel Lockers Network Design in Urban Scenarios in Pamplona (Spain), Zakopane, and Krakow (Poland)
Combining Survival Analysis and Simheuristics to Predict the Risk of Delays in Urban Ridesharing Operations with Random Travel Times
Simulation Platform for Testing and Evaluation of CAV Trajectory Optimization and Signal Control Algorithm Integrated with Commercial Traffic Simulator
Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation


Maritime Systems III
Xiuju Fu
Feeder Ship Routing Problem with Tidal Time Windows
Yard Template Planning in a Transshipment Hub: Gaussian Process Regression
Maritime Systems

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