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Monday, December 14th


Monday Keynote
Renee M. Thiesing
The Rapid Democratization and Integration of Data with Simulation, Optimization and Artificial Intelligence


Airport and Droneport Operations
John Shortle
Carousel Inspired Virtual Circulation: A Simulation Model For UAV Arrival And Landing Procedure Under Random Events
Reduction of Taxi-related Airport Emissions with Disruption-aware Stand Assignment: Case of Mexico City International Airport
Aviation Modeling and Analysis

Constraints I
Andrea Matta
Sample-Path Algorithm for Global Optimal Solution of Resource Allocation in Queueing Systems with Performance Constraints
Batch Bayesian Active Learning for Feasible Region Identification by Local Penalization
Simulation Optimization

Digital Transformation I
David T. Sturrock
Simulating the Impact of Artificial Intelligence Innovations with a Modular Framework and Digital Twin
Using the Digital Twin of an Educational Robotic Cell during Pandemic
Commercial Case Studies

Estimation and Fitting
Guanting Chen
The Ease of Fitting but Futility of Testing a Nonstationary Poisson Processes from One Sample Path
Unbiased Simulation Estimators for Path Integrals of Diffusions
Analysis Methodology

Safe and Efficient Public Movement on Foot or by Bus
Edward Williams
Pedestrian Behavior at Intersections: A Literature Review of Models and Simulation Recommendations
Microsimulation of Bus Terminals: A Case Study From Stockholm
Logistics, Supply Chains, and Transportation

Semiconductor Applications
Guodong Shao
A Discrete-event Heuristic for Makespan Optimization in Multi-server Flow-shop Problems with Machine Re-entering
Simulation-based Evaluation of Lot Release Policies in a Power Semiconductor Facility - A Case Study
Manufacturing Applications

Testing Strategies
Vivek Bhatt
Group Testing Enables Asymptomatic Screening for COVID-19 Mitigation: Feasibility and Optimal Pool Size Selection with Dilution Effect
Testing-based Interventions for COVID Pandemic Policies
COVID-19 Case Studies


Digital Transformation II
Martin Franklin
Client Experience Transformation: From the Art of Management to the Science of Digitalization
Virtual Lab: A Framework for Modeling Decisions in R & D at Bayer Crop Science
Commercial Case Studies


anna benzoni
Static AMHS Simulation Based on Planned Product Mixes
Optimizing The Allocation Of Single-Lot Stockers In An AMHS In Semiconductor Manufacturing
Allocating Reticles in an Automated Stocker for Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility
MASM: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Advanced Statistical Methods: Inference, Variable Selection, and Experimental Design
Susan R. Hunter
Advanced Tutorials

Constraints II
Dashi I. Singham
Sample Average Approximation for Functional Decisions Under Shape Constraints
Feasibility Determination When the Feasible Region is Defined by Non-linear Inequalities
Identifying the Best System in the Presence of Stochastic Constraints with Varying Thresholds
Simulation Optimization

DEVS Modelling and Simulation: Applications
José Luis Risco-Martín
Modelling Fog & Cloud Collaboration Methods on Large Scale
Energy Efficiency Evaluation of Parallel Execution of DEVS Models in Multicore Architectures
A DEVS Simulation Algorithm Based on Shared Memory for Enhancing Performance
Modeling Methodology

Estimation Methodology
Wei Xie
Steady-State Quantile Estimation Using Standardized Time Series
Quantile Estimation via a Combination of Conditional Monte Carlo and Randomized Quasi-Monte Carlo
A Method for Micro-Dynamics Analysis Based on Causal Structure of Agent-Based Simulation
Analysis Methodology

Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chains
Anastasia Anagnostou
Simulation Optimization Approach for Reconfiguration of the Perishable Food Supply Chain During Disease Outbreak
Integrating Agility, Volatility and Sustainability Perspectives: A Case Study for an Effective Supply Chain Model under COVID-19
Forecasting Supply Chain Impact by Predicting Governmental Decisions in the COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 Case Studies

Innovative Applications in Simulation
Loo Hay LEE
Sustainable Catastrophic Cyber-risk Management in IoT Societies
A Combined Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Ab Initio Calculations Approach to Study A-Si:H/C-Si Interfaces
Analysis of Layout Impacts on Resource Allocation for Voting: A Los Angeles Vote Center
Using Simulation to Innovate

Introduction to MOSIMTEC and Simio
Martin Franklin; Amy Greer; Ryan Welch Luttrell; Caleb Whitehead
Simulation Software Selection Criteria
Introduction to Simio

Simulation Models for Resource Planning during COVID-19
Vishnunarayan Girishan Prabhu
Team Based, Risk Adjusted Staffing During a Pandemic: An Agent Based Approach
Planning Ward And Intensive Care Unit Beds For COVID-19 Patients Using A Discrete Event Simulation Model
Impact Of Covid-19 Epidemics On Bed Requirements In A Healthcare Center Using Data-Driven Discrete-Event Simulation
Healthcare Applications

Simulation and Optimization in Manufacturing
Klaus Altendorfer
Multi-Level Optimization With Aggregated Discrete-Event Models
Simulation-based Multi-objective Optimization for Reconfigurable Manufacturing System Configurations Analysis
On the Use of Simheuristics to Optimize Safety-Stock Levels in Material Requirements Planning with Random Demands
Manufacturing Applications

The Basics of Simulation
Nura Tijjani Abubakar
Introductory Tutorials


PhD Colloquium
Jose J. Padilla
We Are All in It Together: Training the Next Generation of Model Thinkers
Dynamically Adjusting Sequencing Rules in a Complex Manufacturing System with Uncertainty
A Flexible Parallelized Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method
Generation of Data for Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Building Sector
A Framework for the Simulation of Tomorrow’s Mobility
Sample-Path Algorithm for Global Optimal Solution of Resource Allocation in Queueing Systems with Performance Constraints
Dynamic Sampling for Risk Minimization in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Dynamic Data-driven Simulation-based Decision Support System for Medical Procedures
Simulation Optimization by Reusing Past Replications: Don't Be Afraid of Dependence
Investigating Cloud-based Distributed Simulation (CBDS) for Large- Scale Systems
Sensitivity Analysis of Arc Criticalities in Stochastic Activity Networks
“New Entries with Cooperation” Game in the Mobile Telecommunication Market
PhD Colloquium

Tuesday, December 15th


Tuesday Keynote
Theresa Roeder
Health Resource Allocation: Lessons for Today from Past Outbreaks


Applied Materials' Factory Performance & Simio in Industry 4.0
Stephen Mulvey; Adam Sneath; Gerrit Zaayman
Factory Performance Productivity Suite by Applied Materials
The Application of Simio Scheduling in Industry 4.0

Bayesian Optimization
Juergen Branke
Modification of Bayesian Optimization for Efficient Calibration of Simulation Models
Partition-Based Bayesian Optimization for Stochastic Simulations
Bayesian Optimization Searching for Robust Solutions
Simulation Optimization

CIAAS - Applications
Claudia Szabo
Towards Situation Aware Dispatching In a Dynamic and Complex Manufacturing Environment
Design and Simulation of a Wide Area Search Mission: An Implementation of an Autonomous Systems Reference Architecture
A Simulation Model For Volunteer Computing Micro-Blogging Services
Complex, Intelligent, Adaptive and Autonomous Systems

COVID Applications
John Shortle
Utilizing Simulation to Evaluate Shuttle Bus Performance under Passenger Counts Impacted by COVID-19
Distribution of PPE in Brazil
A Prototype System for Clustering Covid-19 Research Papers
COVID-19 Case Studies

Capacity Analysis
George Miller
Simulation Capacity Analysis for the Carrapateena Block Cave
Simulating an Automated Breakpack System in a Walmart Distribution Center
Evaluating Workers Allocation Policies Through the Simulation of a High Precision Machining Workshop
Commercial Case Studies

Decision Tools in Healthcare Settings Using Simulation Modeling
Kurtis Konrad
Real-Time Nurse Dispatching Using Dynamic Priority Decision Framework
A Simulation Model for the Multi-Period Kidney Exchange Incentivization Problem
Simulation Modeling as a Decision Tool for Capacity Allocation in Breast Surgery
Healthcare Applications

Factory Operations I
Michael Hassoun
Multi-objective Optimization of a Sorting System
A Simulation Optimization Approach for Managing Product Transitions in Multistage Production Lines
Heuristics for Order-Lot Pegging in Multi-Fab Settings
MASM: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Innovative Modeling Techniques and Platforms in Simulation
Simon J. E. Taylor
Hybrid Modelling and Simulation (M&S): Driving Innovation in the Theory and Practice of M&S
Capturing Miner and Mining Pool Decisions in a Bitcoin Blockchain Network: A Two-Layer Simulation Model
Innovations in Simulation: Experiences with Cloud-based Simulation Experimentation
Using Simulation to Innovate

Last Mile Logistics
Jesus Gonzalez-Feliu
Towards A More Sustainable Future? Simulating The Environmental Impact of Online and Offline Grocery Supply Chains
A Simulation-Optimization Approach for Locating Automated Parcel Lockers in Urban Logistics Operations
Agent-Based Simulation Improves E-Grocery Deliveries Using Horizontal Cooperation
Logistics, Supply Chains, and Transportation

Learning Environments
Andrew J. Collins
Learning Environment for Introduction in Discrete-Event Simulation for Design and Improvement of New and Existing Material Flow Systems
Education in Analytics Needed for the Modeling & Simulation Process
Teaching Simulation to Generation Z Engineering Students: Lessons Learned from a Flipped Classroom Pilot Study
Simulation Education

Output Analysis
Ben Feng
Reusing Simulation Outputs of Repeated Experiments via Likelihood Ratio Regression
Green Simulation Assisted Reinforcement Learning with Model Risk for Biomanufacturing Learning and Control
Metric Learning for Simulation Analytics
Analysis Methodology

Simulation and AI I
Daniel Nåfors
Deep Q-Network Model for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling Problem Based on Discrete Event Simulation
Machine Learning (Reinforcement Learning)-based Steel Stock Yard Planning Algorithm
Simulation Evaluation of Automated Forecast Error Correction Based on Mean Percentage Error
Manufacturing Applications

Simulation and the Humanities
Andreas Tolk
Simulating Epidemics: Why the Models Failed Us
Best Friends Forever? Modelling the Mechanisms of Friendship Network Formation
Simulation Applications In Humanitarian Logistics: A Systematic Literature Review
Simulation and the Humanities

Simulations of Infrastructure Systems I
Dhanan Utomo
Simulation and Optimization of Traction Unit Circulations
Assessing Strain on Hospital Capacity During a Localized Epidemic Using a Calibrated Hospitalization Microsimulation
Assessing the Impact of Heterogeneous Traffic on Highways via Agent-Based Simulations
Agent-based Simulation

Tutorial: Metamodeling for Simulation
Giulia Pedrielli
Introductory Tutorials

Verification and Validation of Simulation Models: An Advanced Tutorial
Dave Goldsman
Advanced Tutorials


DEVS Modelling and Simulation: Theory
Rodrigo Castro
DEVS-Scripting: A Black-box Test Frame for DEVS Models
A New Simulation Algorithm for PDEVS Models with Time Advance Zero
Translating Process Interaction World View Models to DEVS: GPSS to Python(P)DEVS
Modeling Methodology


CIAAS - Theory
Wentong Cai
Risk-Based A*: Simulation Analysis of a Novel Task Assignment and Path Planning Method
Use of Simulation-aided Reinforcement Learning for Optimal Scheduling of Operations in Industrial Plants
Complex, Intelligent, Adaptive and Autonomous Systems

Teaching Simulation and Analytics Using R
Andrew J. Collins
Animation for Simulation Education in R
Teaching Risk Analytics Using R
Simulation Education


Advanced AnyLogic and Pathmind's Reinforcement Learning
Andrei V. Borshchev; Mohammed Farhan; Brett Göhre; Edward Junprung
AnyLogic9 - Preview of the Next Generation World Class Simulation Software
Reinforcement Learning In AnyLogic Simulation Models: A Guiding Example Using Pathmind

Digital Twins and Innovative Simulations in Industry
Wei Xie
Simulation-based Evaluation of Handover Mechanisms in High-Speed Railway Control and Communication Systems
Framework of O2DES.NET Digital Twins for Next Generation Ports and Warehouse Solutions
Simulation-based Digital Twin Development for Blockchain Enabled End-to-end Industrial Hemp Supply Chain Risk Management
Using Simulation to Innovate

Discrete-Event Simulation Models to Inform Healthcare Decisions
Xiaoquan Gao
Primary Healthcare Delivery Network Simulation Using Stochastic Metamodels
Dynamic Optimization of Drone Dispatch for Substance Overdose Rescue
Using Simulation to Evaluate Operational Trade-offs Associated with the Use of Care Teams in Specialty Care Settings
Healthcare Applications

Emergency Department Operations under COVID-19
Edward Williams
Data-Driven Staffing Decision-Making at a Large Emergency Department in Response to COVID-19
Evaluating Patient Triage Strategies for Non-Emergency Outpatient Procedures under Reduced Capacity Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
How to Evacuate an Emergency Department During Pandemics: A COVID-19 Agent-Based Model
COVID-19 Case Studies

Factory Operations II
Thomas Ponsignon
A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach For Optimal Replenishment Policy In A Vendor Managed Inventory Setting For Semiconductors
Periodic Workload Control: A Viable Alternative For Semiconductor Manufacturing
Challenges Associated with Realization of Lot Level Fab out Forecast in a Giga Wafer Fabrication Plant
MASM: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Haiping Xu
A Virtual Learning Factory for Advanced Manufacturing
Progressive Assembly Simulation for the Final Assembly and Tests of Two Products
Use of Discrete Event Simulation to Inform Capital Expenditures
Commercial Case Studies

Markov Decision Processes
Yijie Peng
Asynchronous Value Iteration for Markov Decision Processes with Continuous State Spaces
The Actor-Critic Algorithm for Infinite Horizon Discounted Cost Revisited
Risk-efficient Sequential Simulation Estimators
Simulation Optimization

Xi Chen
Uniform Error Bounds for Stochastic Kriging
Stochastic Gaussian Process Model Averaging for High-dimensional Inputs
Efficient Risk Estimation Using Extreme Value Theory and Simulation Metamodeling
Analysis Methodology

Simheuristics for Vehicle Routing
Angel A. Juan
A Simheuristic-Learnheuristic Algorithm for the Stochastic Team Orienteering Problem with Dynamic Rewards
A Simheuristic Algorithm for the Location Routing Problem with Facility Sizing Decisions and Stochastic Demands
A Simheuristic for the Stochastic Two-echelon Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Logistics, Supply Chains, and Transportation

Simulation and AI II
Thomas Felberbauer
Scheduling Jobs in a Two-Stage Hybrid Flow Shop with a Simulation-Based Genetic Algorithm and Standard Dispatching Rules
Simulation-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Modular Production Systems
Dynamically Changing Sequencing Rules with Reinforcement Learning in a Job Shop System with Stochastic Influences
Manufacturing Applications

Simulations of Infrastructure Systems II
Bhakti Stephan Onggo
Evaluation of Guidance Systems at Dynamic Public Transport Hubs using Crowd Simulation
PHASE: Facilitating Agent-Based Modelling in Population Health
Long Haul Logistics Using Electric Trailers by Incorporating an Energy Consumption Meta-Model Into Agent-Based Model
Agent-based Simulation

Spatio-Temporal Simulation: Methods
Gabriel Wainer
Extended Model Space Specification for Mobile Agent-based Systems to Support Automated Discovery of Simulation Models
Pragmatic Logic-based Spatio-temporal Pattern Checking in Particle-based Models
Composition of Geographic-based Component Simulation Models
Modeling Methodology

Statistical Analysis of Simulation Output Data: The Practical State of the Art
John Chavis
Introductory Tutorials

Using Simple Dynamic Analytic Framework to Characterize and Forecast Epidemics
Ilya Ryzhov
Advanced Tutorials


Poster Session
María Julia Blas; Cristina Ruiz-Martín
Optimal Design of Building Envelopes for an Office Building Using Bayesian Optimization
Predictive Uncertainty of Residential Building Energy Model
Predictability of Building Energy Simulation for Existing Buildings
Using Discrete-Event Simulation for Potential Analysis of Predictive Maintenance in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Occupant-Adaptive Indoor Environmental Controller Using DQN
Simulation Metamodeling to Support Hospital Capacity Planning
Simulation Projects with Computer Science Undergraduate Students
A Discrete Event Simulation to Facilitate Hybrid Production Planning in a Paper Production Plant
Facilitating Resilience of Domestic Pork Supply Chains Through Hybrid Simulation Modeling
A Contingency Planning Toolbox in the Wood Supply Chain
Modeling and Simulation for Time-accurate and Stochastic Analysis of Algorithms
Hybrid Simulation Model for Virus Transmission on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship
Quantifying Uncertainty in Sensitivity Analysis of Building Energy Simulation Model
A Hydrologic Process Model for Watershed Sustainability: A System Dynamics Approach
Traffic Signal Control Simulation and Optimization
Reducing Handoffs and Improving Patient Flow in the ED
Towards a Generic Architecture for Symbiotic Simulation System-based Digital Twin
An Investigation of Hybrid Simulation for Behavioral Analysis in Healthcare
Comparison Between Conventional Design and Integrated Simulation-Based Optimal Design for an Office Building
Illuminance Prediction Using a Hybrid Simulation Model Based on a Single Reference Measurement
Classification of Building Energy Pattern Based on RANSAC and K-Shape Algorithm
Using UML and OCL as Languages to Define DEVS Atomic Models
Impacts on Airport Elevator System When Exposed to Disruptive Events: A Discrete Event Simulation Approach
Co-simulation of Composable Cellular Automata DEVS and Diffusion PDE Models
Analysing Supply Chain Factors Affecting Antibiotics Shortage with System Dynamics Simulation
A Social Cost Based Dynamic Restoration Decision-making Modelling Framework for Power Distribution System
A Modelling Base to Support Long-term Care Comparative Studies by an Agent-based Simulation Approach
Towards an Agent-Based Model for Sustainable Agricultural Practices on Scottish Farms
A Simulation-Optimization Approach to Design a Resilient Food Supply Network for Natural Disaster Responses in West Java
Poster Session

Wednesday, December 16th


Wednesday Keynote
Lars Moench
Industry 3.5 as Hybrid Strategy empowered by AI & Big Data Analytics and Collaborative Research with Micron Taiwan for Smart Manufacturing
MASM: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Plenary


Spatio-Temporal Simulation: Applications
Khaldoon Al-Zoubi
Anomalous Transport of Infectious Diseases in Structured Populations
Performance and Soundness of Simulation: A Case Study based on a Cellular Automaton for In-Body Spread of HIV
Modeling Methodology

Warehousing Optimization Techniques
Carles Serrat
Gravity Clustering: a Correlated Storage Location Assignment Problem Approach
Comparison of Deadlock Handling Strategies for different Warehouse Layouts with an AGVS
Logistics, Supply Chains, and Transportation


Business Process Modeling and Simulation with DPMN: Resource-Constrained Activities
Sara Shashaani
Advanced Tutorials

FlexSim for Industry 4.0 and Springer Publishing
Bill Nordgren; Wayne Wheeler
FlexSim 2021: Advanced Simulation Modeling for the Industry 4.0 Era
How Publishing with Springer Advances Your Research!

Gaussian Processes
Eunhye Song
Smart Linear Algebraic Operations for Efficient Gaussian Markov Improvement Algorithm
A Gaussian process based algorithm for stochastic simulation optimization with input distribution uncertainty
Sensitivity Analysis of Arc Criticalities in Stochastic Activity Networks
Simulation Optimization

Manufacturing Applications I
Christoph Laroque
Simulation in Hybrid Digital Twins for Factory Layout Planning
Design and Simulation of a New Biomedical Production Process
A Heijunka Study for Automotive Assembly Using Discrete-Event Simulation: A Case Study
Manufacturing Applications

Mitigating and Measuring the Effects of COVID-19
Edward Williams
Designing for Distance: COVID-19’s Impact on a Los Angeles Vote Center
Analyzing Covid-19 Control Strategies in Metropolitan Areas: A Customizable Agent-Based Simulation Tool
Utilizing Bayesian Methods for COVID-19 Forecast and Statistical Inference
COVID-19 Case Studies

Operational Planning for Critical Patients
Jens Brunner
Emergency Imaging after a Mass Casualty Incident: An Operational Perspective via a Simulation Study
Simulation and Evaluation of ICU Management Policies
Incorporating Patient Deterioration When Simulating Utilization of a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
Healthcare Applications

Rare-event Simulation
Henry Lam
On the Error of Naive Rare-Event Monte Carlo Estimator
Rare-Event Simulation for Multiple Jump Events in Heavy-Tailed Levy Processes with Infinite Activities
Comparing Regenerative-Simulation-Based Estimators of the Distribution of the Hitting Time to a Rarely Visited Set
Analysis Methodology

Resources and Risk Management
Seong-Hee Kim
System Integration with Multiscale Networks (SIMoN): A Modular Framework for Resource Management Models
A Simulation-based Decision-support System for Reducing Duration, Cost, and Environmental Impacts of Earthmoving Operations
A Lattice Boltzmann Advection Diffusion Model For Ocean Oil Spill Surface Transport Prediction
Environment and Sustainability Applications

Robots on Construction Sites
Jing Du
An Immersive Virtual Learning Environment for Worker-Robot Collaboration on Construction Sites
Toward Intelligent Workplace: Prediction-Enabled Proactive Planning for Human-Robot Coexistence on Unstructured Construction Sites
Neural Functional Analysis In Virtual Reality Simulation: Example Of A Human-Robot Collaboration Tasks
Project Management and Construction

Simulation Methodology I
Denny Kopp
First Steps Towards Bridging Simulation And Ontology To Ease The Model Creation On The Example Of Semiconductor Industry
An Agent-Based Simulation Model With Human Resource Integration For Semiconductor Manufactoring Facility
Integrating Critical Queue Time Constraints into SMT2020 Simulation Models
MASM: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Simulations of Human Movement
Martijn Mes
Agent-based Digital Twins (ABM-DT) in Synchromodal Transport and Logistics: The Fusion of Virtual and Physical Spaces
Reshaping Airpower: Development of an IMPRINT Model to Analyze the Effects of Manned-Unmanned Teaming on Operator Mental Workload
Multi-thread State Update Schemes for Microscopic Traffic Simulation
Agent-based Simulation

Transportation I
Khaled Mabrouk
Valley Recycling Designs New Facility Using Simulation
Simulation Model to Select an Optimal Solution for a Milk Run Internal Logistic Loop: Case Study
Synthetic Trip List Generation for Large Simulations
Commercial Case Studies

Work Smarter, Not Harder: A Tutorial on Designing and Conducting Simulation Experiments
Saurabh Jain
Introductory Tutorials


Modeling the Spread of COVID-19
Chukwudi Nwogu
CityCOVID: A Computer Simulation of COVID-19 Spread in a Large-Urban Area
Development Of Large-scale Synthetic Population to Simulate COVID-19 Transmission and Response
COVID-19 Case Studies

Transportation II
Jeremy O'Donnell
Simulating Warehouse Operations: Goods to Person Picking Using a Multi Level Shuttle
A Streamlined Approach for Campus Bus Routing within SIMIO
Commercial Case Studies


Air Transport
Javier Faulin
Integration of Physical Simulations in Static Stability Assessments for Pallet Loading in Air Cargo
An Agile Simheuristic for the Stochastic Team Task Assignment and Orienteering Problem: Applications to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
A Simheuristic Approach for Robust Scheduling of Airport Turnaround Teams
Logistics, Supply Chains, and Transportation

Discrete-Event Simulation Modeling to Address Operational Questions in Healthcare
Mandana Rezaeiahari
Discrete-Event Simulation with Consideration for Patient Preference When Scheduling Specialty Telehealth Appointments
Evaluating Staffing Levels in Milk Lab Using Discrete Event Simulation
A Simulation Study of Outpatient Surgery Clinic with Stochastic Patient Re-Entrance
Healthcare Applications

Energy, Food, and Water
Neda Mohammadi
Cell-devs Models for Co2 Sensors Locations in Closed Spaces
Multi-threaded Simulation Optimization Platform for Reducing Energy Use in Large-Scale Water Distribution Networks with High Dimensions
Modeling the Relationship Between Food and Civil Conflict
Environment and Sustainability Applications

Gradient-based Optimization
David J. Eckman
Simulation Optimization by Reusing Past Replications: Don't Be Afraid of Dependence
Biased Gradient Estimators in Simulation Optimization
Unbiased Gradient Simulation for Zeroth-order Optimization
Simulation Optimization

Introduction to AnyLogic and Arena
Melanie Barker; Gregory Monakhov; Alexander Rakulenko; Nancy Zupick
AnyLogic Cloud: An Integrated Environment for the Entire Model Lifecycle
Arena Simulation the Next Generation

Manufacturing Applications II
Christoph Laroque
Simulation-Aided Assessment of Team Performance: The Effects of Transient Underachievement and Knowledge Transfer
Simulation-Based Performance Assessment Of A New Job-Shop Dispatching Rule For Semi-Heterarchical Industry 4.0 Architectures
Deploying Discrete-Event Simulation and Continuous Improvement to Increase Production Rate in a Modular Construction Facility
Manufacturing Applications

Multi-Formalism and Multi-Simulation
Adelinde Uhrmacher
Learning Rule-based Explanatory Models from Exploratory Multi-Simulation For Decision-Support Under Uncertainty
Autonomous and Composable M&S System of Systems with the Simulation, Experimentation, Analysis and Testing (SEAT) Framework
Modeling the Water-energy Nexus for the Phoenix Active Management Area
Modeling Methodology

Robustness Revisited: Simulation Optimization Viewed Through a Different Lens
Xi Chen
Advanced Tutorials

Sensors for Simulation
Amir Behzadan
Comparison of Different Beamforming-based Approaches for Sound Source Separation of Multiple Heavy Equipment at Construction Job Sites
Deep Generative Adversarial Network to Enhance Image Quality for Fast Object Detection in Construction Sites
A Thermal-Based Technology for Roller Path Tracking and Mapping in Pavement Compaction Operations
Project Management and Construction

Simulation Methodology II
Leon McGinnis
Using Accuracy Measurements To Evaluate Simulation Model Simplification
An Analysis-agnostic System Model of the Intel Minifab
Simulation-based Digital Twin of a Complex Shop-Floor Logistics System
MASM: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Simulation and Optimization
Jose Blanchet
A Class of Optimal Transport Regularized Formulations with Applications to Wasserstein GANs
Distributionally Constrained Stochastic Gradient Estimation Using Noisy Function Evaluations
Optimally Tuning Finite-difference Estimators
Analysis Methodology

Simulations of Crowds and Groups
Chris Kuhlman
Generating Hypotheses on Prehistoric Cultural Transformation with Agent-based Evolutionary Simulation
Crowd Evacuation During Slashing Terrorist Attack: A Multi-Agent Simulation Approach
An Agent-Based Model of Common Knowledge and Collective Action Dynamics on Social Networks
Agent-based Simulation

Tested Success Tips for Simulation Project Excellence
Thomas Voss
Introductory Tutorials

Thursday, December 17th


Military Keynote
Nathaniel Bastian
Combining AI with M&S to Meet Emerging Military Challenges
Military Applications and Homeland Security, Plenary


An Introduction to Modular Modeling and Simulation with PythonPDEVS and the Building-Block Librar...
Anastasia Anagnostou
Introductory Tutorials

Blockchain: A Review from The Perspective of Operations Researchers
Wei Xie
Advanced Tutorials

Digital Twin Applications in Production I
Young Jae JANG
A Digital Twin Framework for Real-time Analysis and Feedback of Repetitive Work in the Manual Material Handling Industry
Robot Collaboration Intelligence with AI
A Case Study of Digital Twin for a Manufacturing Process Involving Human Interactions
Simulation in Industry 4.0

Environmental and Social Systems
Barry Lawson
Human-Infrastructure Interactional Dynamics: Simulating COVID-19 Pandemic Regime Shifts
Simulation of Aerial Supression Tasks in Wildfire Events Integrated with GisFIRE Simulator
Environment and Sustainability Applications

Caleb Whitehead
Virtual Factory for Corn Seed Manufacturing Facilities
Refrigerated Pallet Order Fulfillment: Evaluating a Fully Automated Facility Using Simulation
High Accuracy Discrete Rate and Reliability Modeling to Drive Improvement of Plant OEE and Throughput
Commercial Case Studies

Health and Humanitarian Logistics
Canan Gunes Corlu
Scenario-based Simulation Approach for an Integrated Inventory Blood Supply Chain System
A Simulation Model for Short and Long Term Humanitarian Supply Chain Operations Management
A Simulation Framework for UAV-Aided Humanitarian Logistics
Logistics, Supply Chains, and Transportation

Model Specification Methodologies
Hessam Sarjoughian
Simulus: Easy Breezy Simulation in Python
Online Risk Measure Estimation Via Natural Gradient Boosting
Conceptual Models in Simulation Studies: Making it Explicit
Modeling Methodology

John Fowler
Scheduling and Simulation in Waferfabs: Competitors, Independent Players or Amplifiers?
MASM: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Project Management
Ming Lu
A Tale of Two Simulations for Project Managers
A Specification for Effective Simulation Project Management
On The Use Of Simulation-Optimization In Sustainability Aware Project Portfolio Management
Project Management and Construction

Ranking and Selection
Linda Pei
Evaluation of bi-PASS for Parallel Simulation Optimization
Revisiting Subset Selection
Sequential Sampling for a Ranking and Selection Problem with Exponential Sampling Distributions
Simulation Optimization

Sampling Methodology
Kai Liu
Perfect Sampling of Multivariate Hawkes Processes
Path Generation Methods for Valuation of Large Variable Annuities Portfolio Using Quasi-monte Carlo Simulation
Simulating Nonstationary Spatio-Temporal Poisson Processes Using the Inversion Method
Analysis Methodology

Simulation Models for Evaluating Patient Flow in Different Care Settings
Breanna P. Swan
A Simulation Model to Evaluate the Patient Flow in an Intensive Care Unit Under Different Levels of Specializiation
Integrated Simulation Tool to Analyze Patient Access to and Flow During Colonoscopy Appointments
Evaluating Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Interventions in a Microsimulation Model
Healthcare Applications

Simulation-Based Approaches for Defense Training and Military Workforce Modeling
Nathaniel Bastian
Low Altitude Air Defense Training System
Workforce Populations: Empirical versus Markovian Dynamics
Methods for Estimating Incidence Rates and Predicting Incident Numbers in Military Populations
Military Applications and Homeland Security

Simulation-Supporting Methodologies
Wentong Cai
Using Agent-based Simulation for Emergent Behavior Detection in Cyber-physical Systems
Utilizing Spatio-Temporal Data In Multi-Agent Simulation
Simulating Re-configurable Multi-Rovers For Planetary Exploration Using Behavior-based Ontology
Agent-based Simulation


Digital Twin Applications in Production II
Andrea Matta
A Generic Workflow Engine for Iterative, Simulation-based Non-Linear System Identifications
A Design of Digital Twins for Supporting Decision-making in Production Logistics
Simulation in Industry 4.0


Combining Methodologies with Discrete-Event Simulation for Healthcare Applications
Parastu Kasaie
A Combined Simulation and Machine Learning Approach for Real-time Delay Prediction for Waitlisted Neurosurgery Candidates
A Generic Framework to Analyze and Improve Patient Pathways Within a Healthcare Network Using Process Mining and Discrete-event Simulation
Assessing the Impact of Targeted Screening and Treatment of Diabetes and Hypertension among Adults Living with HIV in Nairobi, Kenya
Healthcare Applications

Developing High-Quality Microsimulation Models Using R in Health Decision Sciences
Chukwudi Nwogu
Introductory Tutorials

Emerging Techniques for Rocket Guidance Simulation, MSaaS and DODAS with RDBMS
Andrew Hall
A Neural Network for Sensor Hybridization in Rocket Guidance
ArTIC-M&S: An Architecture for TOSCA-based Inter-Cloud Modeling and Simulation
Advancing Self-healing Capabilities in Interconnected Micgrogrids via Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems with Relational Database Management
Military Applications and Homeland Security

Hybrid Simulation in Practice
Antuela Tako
The Benefits of a Hybrid Simulation Hub to Deal with Pandemics
A review of Hybrid Simulation in Healthcare
A Human Experiment using a Hybrid Agent-Based Model
Hybrid Simulation

Information and Planning
Wenying Ji
Planning and Scheduling Drainage Infrastructure Maintenance Operations Under Hard and Soft Constraints: A Simulation Study
Automated Abstraction of Operation Processes from Unstructured Text for Simulation Modeling
Understanding the Dynamics of Information Flow During Disaster Response Using Absorbing Markov Chains
Project Management and Construction

Metamodel-based Optimization
Loo Hay LEE
A Hybrid of Shrinking Ball Method and Optimal Large Deviation Rate Estimation in Continuous Contextual Simulation Optimization with Single Observation
Ordinal Optimization with Generalized Linear Model
Global Optimization for Noisy Expensive Black-Box Multi-Modal Functions via Radial Basis Function Surrogate
Simulation Optimization

New Advances in Simulation Optimization
Henry Lam
Context-dependent Ranking and Selection under a Bayesian Framework
Confidence Intervals and Regions for Quantiles Using Conditional Monte Carlo and Generalized Likelihood Ratios
Optimal Switching in a Dynamic, Stochastic, Operating Environment
Model Uncertainty and Robust Simulation

Stephane Dauzère-Pérès
Interpretable Anomaly Detection for Knowledge Discovery in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Dynamic Sampling For Risk Minimization In Semiconductor Manufacturing
Enhancing Scalability of Virtual Metrology: A Deep Learning-based Approach for Domain Adaptation
MASM: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Simulation for Global Challenges
Stewart Robinson
Modeling And Simulation For Decision Support In Precision Livestock Farming
Modelling Migration: Decisions, Processes and Outcomes
Inventory Management with Disruption Risk
Simulation for Global Challenges

Stochastic and Queueing Systems
Cristina Ruiz-Martín
Scheduling Queues with Simultaneous and Heterogeneous Requirements from Multiple Types of Servers
Integrated Performance Evaluation of Extended Queueing Network Models with Line
Approximating the Levy-frailty Marshall-Olkin model for failure times
Modeling Methodology

Supply Chain
Matthew Ballan
Carbon Capture and Storage Supply Chain
Predicting Supply Chain Performance Under Rapid Unplanned Demand Fluctuation
Evaluation of Supply Chain Strategy for a Heavy Equipment Manufacturer
Commercial Case Studies

Ralf Elbert
Mixing it up: Simulation of Mixed Traffic Container Terminals
Simulation-Based Analysis Of A Cross-Actor Pallet Exchange Platform
Effects of Terminal Size, Yard Block Assignment, and Dispatching Methods on Container Terminal Performance
Logistics, Supply Chains, and Transportation

Friday, December 18th


Friday Keynote
Theresa Roeder
Panel Discussion: Being a Simulation Professional in this Virtual World


Integrating Simulation with Other Methods I
Joseph Louis
Predicting Terminal Mid-Air Collisions Through Simulation Experiments of Air Traffic Control
A Green Performance Bond Framework for Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions During Construction: Proof of Concept Using Agent-Based Modeling
Project Management and Construction

Managing and Supporting Projects through the Lifecycle
Matthew Dickinson; Andrew Hall
Modeling and Simulation: Balancing Performance, Schedule, and Cost
Product Supportability through Lifecyle Modeling and Simulation
Military Applications and Homeland Security


A Tutorial Introduction to Monte Carlo Tree Search
Szu Hui Ng
Introductory Tutorials

Applications I
Amos Ng
Real-time Decision Making for a Car Manufacturing Process Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Aircraft Assembly Ramp-up Planning using a Hybrid Simulation-Optimization Approach
Integration of Deep Reinforcement Learning and Discrete-Event Simulation for Real-Time Scheduling of a Flexible Job Shop Production
Simulation Optimization

Data Science for Simulation I
Abdolreza Abhari
NIM: Modeling and Generation of Simulation Inputs via Generative Neural Networks
Estimating Stochastic Poisson Intensities Using Deep Latent Models
Enhancing Input Parameter Estimation by Machine Learning for The Simulation of Large-Scale Logistics Networks
Data Science for Simulation

Data-Driven Simulation Modeling and Analysis
Joachim Hunker
Digital Twins in Simulative Applications: A Taxonomy
Generation And Tuning Of Discrete Event Simulation Models For Manufacturing Applications
Data-Driven Fault Tree Modeling For Reliability Assessment Of Cyber-Physical Systems
Simulation in Industry 4.0

Hybrid Simulations of Dynamic Systems
Antuela Tako
Virtual Hardware in the Loop: Hybrid Simulation of Dynamic Systems with a Virtualization Platform
Rollback Support in HyFlow Modular Models
Unified DEVS-based platform for Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Control Systems
Hybrid Simulation

Material Supply
Bahar Biller
A Mixed-Integer Formulation to Optimize the Resupply of Components for the Installation of Offshore Wind Farms
Visualising the Impact of Early Design Decisions on a Modular Housing Supply Network
Product Life Cycle Perspective on ICT Product Supply Chain Resilience
Logistics, Supply Chains, and Transportation

Hans Ehm
Modelling And Mathematical Optimization For Capacity Planning Of A Semiconductor Wafer Test Module
Maintenance With Production Planning Constraints In Semiconductor Manufacturing
Characterizing Customer Ordering Behaviors In Semiconductor Supply Chains With Convolutional Neural Networks
MASM: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Jeremy O'Donnell
Crane Scheduling at Steel Converter Facility Using Dynamic Simulation and Artificial Intelligence
Prediction of Lot Step Arrival Times in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Applied Smartfactory Planning, Scheduling and Dispatching Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing
Commercial Case Studies

Simulation Optimization under Uncertainty
Angel A. Juan
A Simheuristic Algorithm for Reliable Asset and Liability Management under Uncertainty Scenarios
On the Scarcity of Observations when Modelling Random Inputs and the Quality of Solutions to Stochastic Optimisation Problems
Calibrating Input Parameters via Eligibility Sets
Model Uncertainty and Robust Simulation


Integrating Simulation with Other Methods II
Evaluation and Selection of Hospital Layout Based on an Integrated Simulation Method
Optimizing Labor Allocation In Modular Construction Factory Using Discrete Event Simulation And Genetic Algorithm
Project Management and Construction


Applications II
Enlu Zhou
Simulation-based Replacement Line and Headway Optimization
Multiobjective Optimization of the Variability of the High-Performance LINPACK Solver
A Nested Simulation Optimization Approach for Portfolio Selection
Simulation Optimization

Data Science for Simulation II
Abdolreza Abhari
Agent-based Modeling and Simulation on Residential Population Movement Patterns: The Case of Sejong City
A Simheuristic Algorithm for Placing Services in Community Network
Learning Lindley's Recursion
Data Science for Simulation

Data-Driven Simulation Optimization
Eunhye Song
Joint Resource Allocation for Input Data Collection and Simulation
Statistical Inference for Approximate Bayesian Optimal Design
Simulation Optimization Based Feature Selection, a Study on Data-driven Optimization with Input Uncertainty
Model Uncertainty and Robust Simulation

Hybrid Simulation and Reinforcement Learning
Antuela Tako
Deep Reinforcement Learning in Linear Discrete Action Spaces
A Method For Predicting High-Resolution Time Series Using Sequence-to-Sequence Models
Hybrid Simulation

New Frameworks for Industry 4.0 Applications
Martijn Mes
A Method Proposal For Conducting Simulation Projects In Industry 4.0: A Cyber-Physical System In An Aeronautical Industry
A General Simulation Framework for Smart Yards
Scalable, Reconfigurable Simulation Models in Industry 4.0-Oriented Enterprise Modeling
Simulation in Industry 4.0

Planning under Uncertainty
Bhakti Stephan Onggo
Local Search and Tabu Search Algorithms for Machine Scheduling of a Hybrid Flow Shop Under Uncertainty
Selective Pick-up and Delivery Problem: A Simheuristic Approach
Investigating Brexit Implications on the Irish Agri-Food Exports: A Simulation-Based Scenario Mapping Model
Logistics, Supply Chains, and Transportation

Andy Ham
A Simulation-based Sequential Search Method for Multi-Objective Scheduling Problems of Manufacturing Systems
Advanced Production Scheduling in a Seagate Technology Wafer Fab
Integrated Scheduling of Jobs, Reticles, Machines, Amhs and Arhs in a Semiconductor Manufacturing
MASM: Semiconductor Manufacturing

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